Friday, May 29, 2009

real estate follows artists

After watching way too much HGTV, I finally realized those realtors are pretty smart, and so are artists...changing cities and all.
Realtors were telling their clients to watch where the artists go, watch where they work because they know the cheapest places to live and work. And where the artists are located, then other places will follow. Those areas become trendy, amazing places to live because of artists. Visual artists, musicians, etc.
If you are familiar with downtown Corpus Christi, you will notice that they are slowly developing new, contemporary living spaces. Renovating three new buildings to be exact and turning them into amazing apartments and lofts.
I truly believe K Space and all the other artists downtown had something to do with this over the years. Is it finally happening? fingers crossed...every intelligent person knows cities survive off of a downtown that isn't vacant.
thank an artist or better yet, buy a piece of artwork.
XOXO me (hope you like the legal graffiti)

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