Friday, September 3, 2010

Third Coast National Results

Thank you to all the artists who participated in this year’s Third Coast National! 68 works of art were chosen from 860 works of art by 250 artists. To those of you listed below, please double check the titles of the work or work(s) listed and refer to your prospectus for shipping and deliveryinstructions. The prospectus is available at

Congratulations to the selected artists! Special Thanks to our juror TrentonDoyle Hancock for taking on such a big job! It is going to be an excellent show- hope to see you all at the opening Saturday October 16, 6-8pm!


Alderman, Sandra- Dog Daze

Andrew, Ian- Road Trip

Ataeva, Anna- Man in a Bowl

Barton, Matthew- Reversal of Fortune; Teenage Missive

Bloom, Micah- l1 and l2(Interventions diptych); Companion Unseen

Brooke, Sandy- Homage to M.R. at St. Marks

Brown, Donna R.-Growing Up in a White Town

Caldwell, Jim- AYoung Man in a dress (The AIDS Trilogy); AIDS- First Steps (The AIDS Trilogy)

Carpenter, Kyle-Shoe Shine

Cooper, Casey-Untitled Green

Dell, Jeffrey-The Things We Care About the Most; The Ravishing

Dyrhaug, Kurt- Crop Wing

Elko, Mike- The Perfect Print

Fulk, Bill-Chess Pieces

Garner, Melissa-Transmigration

Glaspie, Nate-East 25th St

Hamlow, David-Archival Structure 4: Rhubacubeotahedron

Harper, Sharon- Puppet Show

Harrington,Fields- Enjoy Your Meal; Burger Deadly

Haslett, Danny-Poem

Herrera, Ben- Till you’re blue in the face

Horan, Katy- Grandmother

Inscho, James- The Diplomat

Jardine, Alison- Impermanence

King, Mary- Xmas at Sheila’s

Lazorko,Anthony- tides in….soaps out

Lehene, Marius-Transit, Highway Yellow 3

Lopez, Gerald- Damnant Quod Non Intelligent

Marc, Stephen- Untitled (#1) from the series Shadows Beyond the Broken Mirrors

McEwin,Florence- “Tango” ; “Happy Feet”

Menchaca,Michael- Castigo’s Travels; Castigo’s Revenge

Mithell, Ariel-Dog Circle (Where we came from); Rabbit Circle (Immortality Cape)

Murphey, Thomas Michael- Artobject6

Parker, Stephen- Prescription Vacation

Parlin, James-The Aging Athlete

Philips-Garcia,Catrina- Alexis, Javier

Plough, Jean- House 1

Popoff, Kelly- Man and Wife; Father, Sacrificial Scapegoat

Porterfield,Mary- Pool of Life; Perceiving the Brink; Church of St. Helen’s

Rieth, Herb- The Ballad of Pvt. Joe Muldoon

Robles, Michelle- Composition in Red/Black (Giclee)

Row, Brian- Tree of Life, Too Stoned to Talk

Salgado, Jr.,Rodolfo- Distilling Apparatus

Schubert,Kristina- The Break-Up III

Schwab, Justin- Static Field 4

Shannon, Kate- Untitled, 6”x9”

Slaby, Keith- Remembering Sister Dorothy

Smith, Andrew- Minutes Fall into Hours

Soriano, Michael Joachim Westfried- Sex Drive; The American Dream

Taylor, Kim Rae- Elephantine

Trout, Ian- If Your Sticks In The Wind

Walker, Jade-Figure #7