Thursday, April 23, 2009

the tattoo kids are alright

Check out these awesome arty tattoos by artist Amanda Wachob!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Lust for Life was on today....kirk douglas plays vincent

Truthfully, I know a few people like this.
We all still have our ears...yah, for the tortured artists.

Monday, April 20, 2009

downtown meter demons, the bummies and a downtown rant just for you_____SUPPORT CONTEMPORARY ART AND ALL BUSINESSES DOWNTOWN.....FOR REALZ.

I am going to start taking photos of the meter maids and start posting them on this blog...there are three or four and they have issues.
What an awful job, really.

I was literally running to my car to leave before the meter expired. Literally running on the sidewalk. I ALWAYS set my alarm. I was going to make it, and then I saw them. The two female ones, both sitting squashed in that golf cart, one getting out to write my ticket. I yelled out, "That is my car, here I am!! Wait!" I was about 12 feet away and they totally ignored me. A second later I was at my car and she just began to write the ticket anyway. I looked her in the eye and said, "I am here. What are you doing? I am leaving..." And her partner yelled, "Write her a ticket anyway!"
WTF!? Really, ladies?
She was standing in front of my door and I had to squeeze my way in between to get in my car. My plan was to drive away as they were still writing the ticket, but she would not move. I said some harsh words like, "I know you are paying for your salary with tickets...yada yada are crazy.."
They gave me the ticket and I ripped it up and one of them said "they would be mailing me one now" and they drove off into the sunset, probably laughing.
At least be nice when you give a ticket, really.
I know so many good people that get screwed by these people. It happens all the time.

If you don't come downtown often, please be aware of these people. They drop from the sky out of nowhere.

Pay your meters, MONDAY - FRIDAY, free after 5pm.
If you are lucky, there are some meters that last for 6 hours...I think...on the hill on Peoples Street or Schaztel. Did I spell that right?
WAIT, INSTEAD don't park anywhere there is a meter.
Park in a free zone. Sure you have to walk more, but we all could use the exercise.
Wait, maybe you shouldn't park far away because you will run into a million bums and they beg and they are good at it. I see people who do not come downtown a lot and they actually give them money. DO NOT. Instead donate your money to K Space, we are downtown and the public gives more to the bums than to us. TRUST me, they do not use that money to buy food. I have seen it with my own eyes...friends and myself have given food to them and they get soooooo mad. One threw food on the sidewalk outside of our door, another threw soup on the door of El Zolaco Cafe (when it used to be open), and another threw a hamburger in the parking lot next to the old Ritz Theater.
Mike, do you remember that bum fight on the corner? Oh, those were the days...

So IN CONCLUSION, I am going to take some photographs and videos of meter maids and the bums and purpose an exhibition and title it, Someone is Getting Rich While the Heart of the City Stays Poor, It's Like You Have Never Stepped Into A Successful City Before and You Choose to Stay Ignorant, and in the Meantime Sonya's Restaurant is Selling it's Building for $700,000, Are You Kidding Me? Another Empty Building Will Soon Be Downtown, Why Are We Paying Meters to be Downtown? The Nueces Lofts Better Be Filled....

Love ya xoxo,
leonardo da vinci

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

eye crit time!

Okay, so my personal favorite was everything by Jennifer Guest.
Hello, the gal can draw and what an artist.
Jennifer's rendition of her husband's head (Matthew Guest) in the baby stork sling is priceless. A little psycho and yet a lot of love...
I am not a huge fan of color, but she makes me want to get rid of my charcoal and graphite.
The bubblegum piece sold....I wanted that one.