Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Feed Corpus Gus an alka seltzer already.

So, a couple days ago an older gentleman came into the gallery and was wondering if we offered any art classes for his wife.
I told him we offer "figure drawing" with a nude model every Wednesday night and we are offering some upcoming workshops....he was pleased.
He said he had been to the Art Center of Corpus Christi (the most popular art destination, and yet the most backwards.)
He asked them if they ever needed a nude model or if they offered figure drawing. He got a call the next day from the Art Center....they told him, "If this is what you are looking for, never come back!"
I was not surprised.
He said he was new to Corpus Christi (moved here from the Midwest) and was shocked at how conservative the city was.

(By the way, the proportions on your seagull are all wrong.)

Seriously xoxo,
Leonardo da Vinci


michelangelo said...

It is unfathomable that a bunch of blue hairs, who don't know anything about art, dictates what is acceptable art in this town. The history of art is full of nudes and one can argue an essential part of art. Without nude figure drawing one can never truly understand the human anatomy but then this might explain why the figures at the art center looks like "bags of nuts" and not people

francis bacon said...

hey, not all the figures in there look like bags of nuts...don't forget that on occasion they have good shows up..for example mine and loius conterreras' (his is badass, actually)...i don't think our figures look like bags of nuts...but maybe you should go critique them in person...GO SEE THE SHOW AND FIND OUT. :)

Anonymous said...

lol "bag of nuts"
corpus christi is just too conservative.
i miss austin =(